Firefox 4 to be Released on March 22

Firefox 4 will be formally released on March 22 for Windows, Mac and Linux following 12 betas and the recent RC, Mozilla said. Firefox 4 is most distinguished because of the adding together of hardware-accelerated browsing.

Chrome 10 has partial speeding up and the innovative Internet Explorer 9 gives acceleration for users with AMD chips.

The browser features a modest interface, much better JavaScript presentation, augmented HTML5 support together with WebM and a refurbished plug-in architecture named JetPack.

Firefox 4

Firefox 4 puts the skill to make tab groups (dubbed Panorama), and also puts tab pinning. Often utilized sites, similar to Gmail and Twitter can be made into App Tabs, which means they will pin, and blaze when updated the new tweets, new emails.

You can sync the entire settings, passwords, bookmarks and open tabs to mobile gadgets by means of protected 26-character key as with previous editions.

Lastly, the browser adds “do not track” to the “advanced” settings screen. By checking the selection, you are informing locations that you do not desire to be tracked for particular advertising.

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