First Flying Car Soars All the Way Up to the Market Soon

Transition Roadable AircraftThe first flying car just obtained one step nearer to gliding, onto the market.

The Transition Roadable Aircraft, as the car-plane hybrid is called, was given a sequence of particular exceptions by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on June 30 that made the car operable both in the air and on the street.

Thus what types of particular exceptions does a “roadable aircraft” require? Well, special windows, for one. Regular automotive safety glass is too heavy for the Transition while in the air, and there’s constantly a possibility that a bird could break it. The Transition will use a polycarbonate material less vulnerable to breaking instead of glass windows.

It all sounds very imaginatively sci-fi, and in a method it is – the car actually does fly. But it is actually more of an airplane that can drive on the road, rather than a car can soar in the air.

The Transition had its first test trip/drive in 2009, and Terrafuging Inc., the corporation that is raising the plane-car, says it is listed to be available by the last part of 2012.

Customers can expect to disburse $250,000 to live in the future, when the vehicle does go on trade.