Flash 11 and Air 3.0

Flash 11 and Air 3.0 now Available for Download

Flash 11 and Air 3.0Adobe’s new update its Flash and Air – Flash version 11 and Air version 3.0 – are now available to download. With this new updates of the software, Adobe tied up the hardware acceleration into the programming which allows more robust applications. In these versions, Adobe now supports 3D gaming and Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound. Adobe confirmed that the latest version of Flash is capable of doing a thousand times faster rendering than the older version and that the developers should be able to make use of this power to develop more games that will rival console counterparts. The stage 3G technology feature allows developers to design apps that animate millions of objects, it can also handle extremely fast framerates.

While this latest version of technology is only available on HDTV’s, PC’s and Mac’s, Adobe is now planning to release versions for mobile support for Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS platforms, and Apple iOS.

Beyond HD support for monitors and tv’s, Adobe also promised a support for 64-bit platforms if the architecture is available to the user.

Adobe also announced the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, it is a program that creates iPad apps for a fee of $395 per application. The announcement includes Adobe Creative Cloud – a 20GB of storage for files created through the Adobe Creative Suite, and other six apps for iOS and Android platforms. The six applications include Collage, Ideas, Kuler, Debut, Proto, and Photoshop Touch.

While the new versions of Flash and Air are currently available for Linuz, Windows, and OS X platforms, these new versions require OS X 10.6 on an Intel platform to work well.