Four Versions of the New Windows 8

After many years of puzzling users with many, somewhat various versions of the identical os, Microsoft stated today that Windows 8 comes in 4 versions: home use, business, units operating ARM chips, and one for big companies who purchase in large quantities.

For many purchasing an operating system for a standard laptop or desktop pc, the selection is going to be between just 2 versions. The version named purely “Windows 8” is made for home users. For business users there’s the “Windows 8 Pro” and it incorporates features for virtualization, encrypting a file system, and domain management.

“Windows RT” will be the new term for what have been known as Windows on ARM. You will not be able to buy it by itself; It will be pre-installed on tablet PCs and Personal computers running ARM processor chips. Windows RT can’t operate conventional X86/64 desktop software. Alternatively, it will handle touch-oriented applications based on Windows RT or WinRT, the company’s development model for mobile applications.

According to a blog post from with regards to the announcement of the OS versions, Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft did not say the pricing of the each versions, or when they would be for sale. But he made it official what everybody presumed was true anyway: the latest Operating system is going to be named “Windows 8.”