Surprised Customers Get Free Xbox 360 Replacements from Microsoft

Microsoft is giving out thousands of free Xbox 360s to replace boxes suffering from software anomaly, although most users perhaps did not even recognize the trouble.

Gamer Avery Penn said that he got an unexpected email from Xbox Customer Support informing him that he might obtain a latest Xbox 250GB model together with a free one-year subscription to Xbox Live.  A software update was avoiding several Xboxes from reading some game discs.

Penn had not recognized the anomaly in any way, and believed it the email may be a scam.  Therefore he got in touch with Xbox customer support by means of Twitter and discovered that it is really true.

Free Xbox 360 ReplacementsXbox Live service of Microsoft was able to notice that he had one of the dire machines; therefore Microsoft sent the email out prior to some troubles.  The substitution is quite a bit better than his present one, a 60GB model from 2009.

Those who send their present Xboxes back to Microsoft they will get the replacements.

The software update was intended to avoid forge games, but would not give more particulars for fright that it would assist pirates.

If you have a broken machine, you can contact with Microsoft by means of the Xbox customer support page.

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