FTC Awards $25,000 to Robocall Challenge Winners

In 2012, the FTC or Federal Trade Commission made a contest for people who can stop the annoying robocalls. The challenge is to make or develop a certain technology to minimize and totally eliminate these calls. The price is a whopping $50,000 and a trip to the Washington D.C. to present the project.

Now, the contest is already over. The technology has been made and the winners, yes, there are two winners, have been chosen.

Congratulations to Serdar Danis and Aaron Foss. The commission split the price into two and awarded each who presented their entries. The reason why FTC chose two winners is that both projects seem to be appealing and effective. Both Danis and Foss will be sent to Washington D.C., all expenses paid, where they will both explain the project to an audience.

Dani’s project is a device provided with an operator or application that immediately identifies the annoying robocalls and intercepts them rightaway before people had to pickup the phone and deal with it. While Foss’s project is a cloud-based platform that involves a secondary phone. It initially accepts the call, the platform identifies the call and hangs up if it is a robocall. At the end, people or homeowner will not receive the call at all.

Robocall Challenge Winners

According to FTC, “The solutions that our winners came up with have the potential to turn the tide on illegal robocalls, and they show the wisdom of tapping into the genius and technical expertise of the public.”