FTC Wants Facebook to Stop its Automated Photo-Tagging Feature

facebook Automated Photo-Tagging FeatureThis week a facial recognition system engaged by Facebook to automatically tag user photos has disturbed the feathers of privacy group, so much so that they are challenging Zuckerberg and Company terminate its completion.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), has lodged a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in which it alleges the automated Tag Recommendations technology utilized by Facebook is both “unfair” and “deceptive.”

The photo-tagging feature must be suspended prior to a complete inspection and the making of stronger seclusion standards.  It as well gets issue with choice of Facebook to create the automated platform give something amiss instead of opt-in.

Facebook in an official statement replying to privacy concerns said, “Millions of people have used [Tag Suggestions] to add hundreds of millions of tags.”

It added, “This data, and the fact that we’ve had almost no user complaints, suggests people are enjoying the feature and are finding it useful.  For those who don’t, we made turning off Tag Suggestions easy.”

In spite of self-confidence of Facebook concerning user fulfillment and easiness of use, EPIC has advised that the leading social network of the world can utilize its increasing biometric user data database “for purposes over which users will be able to exercise no meaningful control.”