Samsung’s Back-up Plan to Avoid Problems that Happened to S3; Galaxy S4 is Launching Thursday

With the upcoming launch of the latest Galaxy S4, Samsung has a back-up plan already if it doesn’t go smooth like the failure of Galaxy S3. There is a huge demand of the Galaxy S4 according to surveys, the company just hopes the supply problems will not harm the sales.

The South Korea-based company is expecting a 10-million unit sales on each month after it launches the Galaxy S4 smartphone. The company stays positive and well prepared to do anything just to be successful in releasing their latest smartphone.

Samsung lost an estimated two million sales from last year’s released of the Galaxy S3. This is due to a fault in the design of the smartphone cases.

According to analysts and people knowledgeable about the the launching event in Thursday, Samsung have already done some steps to prevent the problems that may come or might come again.

To some analysts, they said the the expected high demand of the new smartphone, shortage of supply is a problem that could not be avoided.

Galaxy S4 is Launching

Samsung is betting big on the Galaxy S4 than the predecessor, S3. If disruptions appear such as supple shortage of the components, it wouldn’t take long. They have high hopes that they can meet the demand and ready to face any challenges.