Galaxy Tab Finally Gets the Teardown Treatment

It’s been a long road, but we’re finally getting to see a dismantled Galaxy Tab.

Galaxy Tab has been within and not in of the news for months. It is so difficult to think it merely turn out to be accessible this previous week, as we, similar to some people, felt we distinguished all concerning the gadget before we would even touched it.

Galaxy Tab Teardown Treatment

Even now, nobody compares to looking the real gadget in person, and most latest Galaxy Tab possessors will still be enjoying very much how it experiences to have tablet in their hands. The sleek, concerning the external, the yielding, encircling bends… For manufactured goods they understand so much roughly, it all experience so innovative and strange.

On the other hand, we are eager to gamble the previous thing on some of their minds is tainting it by ripping it open only to take a look at the 1GHz Hummingbird processor and 1.5GB of RAM nestled inside.

Fortunately, Dr. iFixit is back once more, with his useful bag of surgical tools. Connect on in order to observe how Samsung bring together this bad boy.