Gamers Filed Complaints for Mass Effect 3 Conclusion

The game Mass Effect 3 got the gamers hyped up and excited before its release, but right after the gamers finished the game…majority of them did not say positive things. They complained!

Bioware’s sold 890,000 copies of Mass Effect 3 in its first day in the marketplace, but majority is not satisfied with the game’s conclusion.

One fan is apparently so annoyed that he submitted a complain of false advertising with the Federal Trade Commission.

“After reading through the list of promises about the ending of the game they made in their advertising campaign and PR interviews, it was clear that the product we got did not live up to any of those claims,” according to the gamer El_Spiko. He wrote this on the Bioware’s official forum site. El_Spiko cited on the Bioware Forum site and stated that pre-release quotes from Bioware executives concerning the Mass Effect 3’s ending did not go with with the reality.

Another player named cato_84 also complained and wrote “Does all that talk of meaningful player choice, multiple significantly different endings and closure for the characters and series not seem, at the very least, strange?”.

“You know, I’m willing to overlook the ones that were made back in, say, April 2011, because things might have changed in development over time. But the ones that came out this year? No, unacceptable, and yes, these ARE outright lies because they knew that what they said went completely against what they had planned,” BrotherFluffy added in the pack.

Based on the FTC’s guidelines for advertising and marketing over the internet, “advertising must tell the truth and not mislead consumers.”

Casey Hudson, Mass Effect 3 director, did not particularly discuss the FTC complaint, but he said on the forums, he protected the game’s conclusion while guaranteeing powerful new stuff on the next year.

“For the last eight years, Mass Effect has been a labor of love for our team; love for the characters we’ve created, for the medium of video games, and for the fans that have supported us. For us and for you, Mass Effect 3 had to live up to a lot of expectations, not only for a great gaming experience, but for a resolution to the countless storylines and decisions you’ve made as a player since the journey began in 2007,” Hudson particularly wrote in the post. “So we designed Mass Effect 3 to be a series of endings to key plots and storylines, each culminating in scenes that show you the consequences of your actions. You then carry the knowledge of these consequences with you as you complete the final moments of your journey.” he added.

In the official facebook page of Mass Effect 3, Bioware stated that they are no plans of changing the game’s ending.