George Hotz Gets to Work for Facebook

George HotzThe young programming whiz and hacker, George Hotz or Geohot, was hired by Facebook, according to the reports.

Hotz is the computer expert who came up with a means of cracking Sony Playstations.  He was also indirectly the reason of hacker attacks on Sony that purchased its online gaming network to its knees, because of the serious handed legal bullying of Sony.  He has a lot more sedate occupation working at Facebook.

It was corroborated from the company that the young hacker is already working there in Facebook.  On the other hand, Facebook ended short of saying what he is up to.

Hotz is a brilliant computer specialist so it was comparatively predictable that one or another of the huge technology firms would have desired to employ him.

Hotz just settled with Sony after it has prosecuted him for alleged Playstation 3 (PS3) patent infringements.  Even though he turned into a motive for the following assaults on the company, he went on list to say that he was not accountable for hacking its Playstation Network and Qriocity services.