George Karl Awarded During the ESPY’s Awarding Ceremony

George Karl was awarded with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance during the ESPY’s awarding ceremony. The Jimmy V Award goes to the people who never gave up in fighting the killer disease, cancer. ESPY was inspired to give this award after Jimmy V delivered his speech in the 1993’s ESPY’s awarding ceremony, eight weeks before dying from cancer.

George Karl is recently the coach of NBA team’s Denver Nuggets. He was still the coach of the Nuggets in the 2010 NBA Western Conference. On February 14, Karl revealed that he has been diagnosed of having cancer. But he added that the disease was treatable.

Karl, with his very supportive family, underwent through many tests and treatments. According to him, he could not have survived this stage of his life if it were not for the support and care showed by his family. Last year, he spent most of his time fighting against cancer. He had 36 consecutive treatment sessions. Karl said that the most difficult stages were the last three sessions of his treatment.

Karl is a real competitor, not only in the basketball court but also in fighting cancer. His attitude of being a fighter really deserves him the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance.