Germany OK’s with Game Doom after 17 Years

doom17 years, the time that Germany restricted the sales of Doom – the world’s first popular shooting game. But it now has come to an end.

Bethesda Softworks Spokesman which also owns ID software, the makers of the game DOOM, welcomed the big news but was not able to say when the game will become widely available in Germany market.

What was the reason behind why the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons blacklisted this game? In 1994, government said that the game was likely to harm and was a bad influence to the youth and thus the game got categorized as pornography with sales being exclusive and limited to adult-only stores.

Now, Germany finally relaxed and loosens up the restriction because they now believe that the Game DOOM is “mainly of historical interest” and that it pales in comparison to even more gory games that are now widely known and sold.

Although Wolfenstein 3D, first person shooting game – also created by ID Software – was first introduced in 1992, DOOM has a special niche. It drove the millions of gamers when it debuted a year after Wolfenstein.

Here’s the plot of the game described by Gamespot, “You played as a space marine stationed on the Martian moon of Phobos, where the Union Aerospace Corporation has been conducting experiments with matter teleportation. Those lousy scientists manage to open a rift to hell, from which spews forth a terrible demonic host that slaughters everyone at the base–except you.”