Glory Satellite Mishap Investigation Board for NASA

Glory mission of NASA finished Friday after the spacecraft unsuccessful to arrive at orbit following its launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

NASA has started the procedure of making a Mishap Investigation Board to appraise the reason of the failure.  Telemetry pointed out the fairing, a defensive shell atop the Taurus XL rocket of satellite did not split as anticipated.

The launch continued as intended from its takeoff at 5:09 a.m. EST throughout the explosion of the Taurus XL’s second stage. On the other hand, the fairing breakdown happened throughout the second stage engine burn. It is probable the spacecraft went down into the South Pacific, although the correct site is not yet recognized.


The earlier launch of NASA tries of an Earth science spacecraft, the Orbiting Caron Observatory aboard a Taurus XL on February 24, 2009, also unsuccessful to arrive at orbit when the fairing did not split.

Orbiting Carbon Observatory Mishap Investigation Board reviewed of NASA launch information and the fairing severance system plan, and urbanized a remedial action plan. The preparation was executed by Taurus XL manufacturer Orbital Sciences Corporation.  Flight Planning Board of NASA corroborated the victorious closing of the remedial actions on October 2010.

The Glory Earth-observing satellite was planned to get better our sympathetic of how the sun and small atmospheric particles called aerosols influence Earth’s climate.

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