Gmail is Back!

Reports spread about the inconsistency of Gmail’s status.  And now, finally, everything’s just back to normal.  Gmail is totally restored.

They gave a message that the trouble of Google Mail must be settled.  They asked an apology for the trouble and they expressed their gratitude for the patience and the continuous support.  They gave their assurance that the system consistency is the no. 1 priority at Google and they are making constant developments to create their systems much better.

The troubles with Gmail started a little bit over the weekend with some users protesting that their previous emails were lost or that they could not obtain onto Gmail any more.  In the post of the Gmail blog, Ben Treynor, Google engineer held responsible the outage of “a storage software update” and alleged that only 0.02 percent of users had really been involved.  Treynor previously posted an update to the blog, pronouncing that all service had been re-established.

Gmail problem

However, the reply was not sufficient for some Gmailers who protested that Google had not been on time or translucent enough when it turned out to be obtaining Gmail back online.

A user on a Gmail help forum wrote, “What irks me the most… is the poor response.  I’ve sent three or four e-mails to Google and not gotten responses from them. All I’ve found is the generic app status that basically says it’ll get fixed sometime. That what’s killer.”

In one side, we have found out that Google is not perfect when it comes to customer service. On the other, we have found out also that the cloud is not all the time completely dependable location, and that it’s frequently enhanced to support important things by means of a thumb drive or external hard drive, or other such visualize device.