Google Acquires Wavii for $30 Million

Google continues to be aggressive making their company even bigger. Recently, they acquired Wavii, a company that developed a news app that summarizes news into fewer lines making it more quicker to read.

According to the people knowledgeable about the deal, Wavii, a Seattle-based company was acquired by the tech giant with the amount close to $30 million

Apple Inc. was actually the first who is interested in acquiring Wavii. They want to incorporate the company’s app to Siri. But Google also came interested with Wavii and outbid the Cupertino, California-based company. These came from the sources who refused to be recognized as the deal is not announced in the public yet.


Before Google acquired Wavii, Yahoo already acquired the app called Summly, a news summarization app who was only developed by an 18-year-old boy from London. The deal was also around $30 million and company gets to hire the young developer.

Both Google and Yahoo maintained news sites that are hugely trafficked by all over the world and they are both in a competition in this matter. With the interviews of the developers, both Wavii and Summly, they also acknowledged that they are really in the news app competition.