Google and Frommer’s to integrate for greater efforts in advertising

John Wiley & Sons, the owner of the famous Frommer’s travel guidebooks, has announced the deal that Google Inc. purchased their Zagat guidebooks for $151 million, offering a review of nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels in the cities all over the globe.

According to a spokesperson from Google, the company is planning to incorporate the content of Frommer’s with Zagat sooner or later, but it would be primarily offering the ones with reviews of restaurants, hotels, and other sights all over the world on the web, holding the brand name of Frommer’s.

However, Wiley & Sons and Google Inc. did not declare the financial agreements for the particular deal, which is projected to close within the week.

As the leading internet search engine in the world, Google has been adding up its own reviews and other varieties of content to the results that comes up on the website of the user. According to analysts, the company’s effort in adding more content about restaurants, hotels and other views in different cities could help to attract more marketing dollars from local businesses.