Google Applies Badge System to Its News Site

Putting latest features on Google News, Google has just made reading news interesting by turning it into a game.  Readers are rewarded with news badges based on their reading habits.

Google News engineer Natasha Mohanty wrote on The Official Google Blog, “On Google News, the average reader of political news has read 20 articles about politics in the last six months.  Where do you stand?”

By signing into Google and clicking on news articles on, Google will monitor everything you will read.

The readers can earn badges after reading articles about specific topics.  The stars that appear on the badge will increase as you read more articles.  These stars start from the bronze level, rise up to silver, platinum and ultimate.  More than 500 badges are available for a wide range of topics.

These badges are set to be private by default.  But you can make it visible to your friends as soon as you’re ready to show off how many articles you’ve read.  These badges can be shared on your new Google+ account.

Several news sites and other apps like Foursquare, SCVNGR, and Facebook are in a trend of making life into a game.

Badge systems are also offered in The Huffington Post and CNN iReport.  Gamification services are also offered to other websites by a company named Badgeville.

Together with the badge system is another feature that could help readers make Google News a custom news site.  Looking for news stories could be more convenient after setting your account.