Google Calendar and Gmail Gets New Designs

Google Calendar New DesignsGoogle has confirmed that Gmail and Google Calendar have been provided redesigns as part of a “series of interface updates.”

The latest theme of Gmail, recognized as ‘Preview’ at the moment, is intended to “strip out unnecessary clutter and create Gmail as beautiful as it is powerful,” Jason Cornwell said, a user experience designer at Google.

The theme makes simpler design of Gmail, making the color scheme mainly black and white with touches of red and blue.  Users could test the latest theme by going to Settings in Gmail, after that selecting Themes and choosing the ‘Preview’ theme.

Google Calendar gets the same look which will be evened out to users over the following few days.  The changes are part of an effort across Google to develop the interface on its products.  Google updated its homepage design, decreasing the size of the logo, moving links to the border of the screen and adding a black menu bar across the top.

The design tweaks are the newest updates in a busy week for Google.  The company opened Google+, its latest social networking platform last Tuesday evening.  Although access to the service is currently limited, initial responses have been positive, with testers comparing the look and feel to Facebook.

Gmail has opened in 2004 and stayed in beta until 2009.