Google Chief Executive Steps Down from Position

Since Eric Schmidt steps down as chief executive of Google, his presentation as a spokesperson will be hard to do again. His tries to respond to concerns concerning Google becoming Big Brother-like that have capitulated some foot-in-mouth instants.

In October, attendees at a forum prearranged by Atlantic Monthly heard him give evidence: “We don’t want you to type in any way. We recognize where you are. We recognize where you have been. We are able to approximately identify what you are thinking on.”

In a CNN interview later that month, Schmidt joked that users offended by photos of their homes humiliating in Google’s Street View mapping aspect may perhaps “just move.” He rapidly made clear that he “misspoke.”

Schmidt informed at a conference in August in attendees that “if I glance at sufficient of your messaging and your site, and utilize imitation brainpower, we be able to forecast where you are going to leave.”

Eric Schmidt

He as well opined to the Wall Street Journal that month that “most people don’t desire Google to reply their questions. . . . They would like Google to inform them what they must be performing next.”

As reported by Fortune, in March he said: “One day we had a discussion where we shaped we could immediately attempt to forecast the stock market. And after that we determined it was illegal. So we bunged doing that.”

Last December 2009, he informed CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo: “If you have something that you don’t wish for anybody to recognize, perhaps you shouldn’t be performing it in the first place.”

I have heard Schmidt talk at length in excess of one time and didn’t discover him to be something similar to the James Bond villain you could invent from those quotes. However, as Schmidt has noted a lot of times, the Internet in no way fails to remember.