Google Chrome’s Latest Event for this Week

Is there amazing innovative preparing at Google? It definite looks like it, however perhaps it’s just recording on rather that’s latest precisely “innovative.” Different media outlets have acknowledged a request from Google to be there a Chrome-related occasion on December 7th. The occasion will be horded in San Francisco, where Google plans to “allocate several thrilling information concerning Chrome.”

Google Chrome Event

So in truth, this is almost certainly concerning one of two things. It is perhaps regarding the Chrome web browser, although allowing for that the Chrome browser just newly acknowledged a latest update, that’s improbable. Would Google hold an occasion only to converse regarding latest features of a browser? That is implausible, except they were setting up to drift the doors off of browsing. Not completely away of the inquiry, however absolutely implausible.

However for anybody who has pursued Google’s moves over the past year, they will recognize that Chrome might pass on to atypical: the operating system. Chrome OS was publicized with several display months and months before, although all we have perceived sound since is…well, not a lot. Chrome OS still isn’t away, and there is been no keep informed on its development. We are still left knowing simply that it’s a Linux-based OS catered to netbooks, with reports spinning that just choose hardware configurations will be qualified to run Chrome OS. An update at this time would be completely extra expected, as it is distant more past due. The world has been staying on a Chrome OS condition update for months on last part, and with the holidays and CES 2011 just approximately the area; the timing appears ideal for Google to once more illustrate concentration to their OS proposal.

We are putting our stakes on a Chrome OS modernize, perhaps even information on the first Chrome OS netbooks. Would you have the same opinion, or do you believe it is great more original?