Google Clarifies Sun Microsystems Partnership Rejection

sun_microsystems_-_useThe lawyer of Google stated that in 2006 Google refused to sign a US$100 million contract with Sun Microsystems as payment in royalties to use Java in building then new operating system, Android, before Oracle got the bankrupt company with the programming language’s patents and copyrights.

Robert Van Nest, Google attorney, clarified the accusations concerning the search giant’s US$100 million proposal in 2006 to join forces with Sun Microsystems, informing that the agreement was for a tech partnership to build Android together, not presently for Java copyright licensing.

For the moment, a court decided business software giant Oracle authorization to allow Google CEO Larry Page confirm on his understanding of the dead deal that currently induced a copyright violation case against his company.

Redwood City, Ca-based Oracle is expecting to receive over US$6.1 billion in damages from Google, alleging the latter generated Android while infringing Java patents and copyrights.

Google opposed and inquired District Judge William Alsup to abandon underestimated price of damages of Oracle.