Google+ Could Be a Threat To Facebook and LinkedIn

google-rebranding-060711The Internet world is abuzz with the Google+ chatter.  Google+ is Google’s supposed Facebook killer.

“Supposed Facebook killer” may be a little forward but Google is absolutely fighting for market share in the social space, and while Facebook is the most obvious target, I believe LinkedIn and the professional community is a more rational ambition.

We need first to observe how Google+ is different from its generation.

The idea of “Circles” is a unique alteration from the usual things we see in several social networking sites.

Circles just proves that Google makes the right statement that we all have different networks of people with whom we surround ourselves.

It makes sense, which is what a good feature addition should do.

Facebook permits you to do this to some degree, too, through its privacy settings.

The problem is, on Facebook, you still only have one true network of friends.

In order to classify them, you have to navigate a backend settings layout that even makes nerds squirm. You have to think about it too much for it to be really effective.

Google+ packages the privacy settings in a friendly manner, and that’s why Circles make all the difference in the world.

LinkedIn could also be Google’s target, because one of Google+’s default circles is the ‘Professional Connections’, the exact thing that LinkedIn does.

The LinkedIn throng is not primarilyly nerds who want to be on a social network all day long. They desire to extra their businesses and their careers through modern communication. They want to attract an audience.

LinkedIn will start to degenerate if Google has the viewers and the tools.

Imagine it this way. Which one will you employ for your business if you can get 10 people via LinkedIn or 100 people via Google+?

It is very, very hard to compete against Google as Microsoft will tell you. LinkedIn will be hard-pressed to keep the attacking Google at bay, even with its recent successful IPO.

But, Google+ cannot go on without some flaws.  First of all, the audience are not yet there because it is new and presently invitation only.  A social networking site will not be called so without people.

People are also used to Facebook that it will be hard to drag those users away. Facebook is a social networking brand, just as Google is a search brand.

Do not forget that the same thing was said about MySpace a few years back.

MySpace crumbled under the pressure of Facebook’s rocketing popularity and it will be attractive to see whether that repeats itself here.