Google Develops Their Own Smartwatch

Every one in the tech industry is not flourishing by just inventing and developing new gadgets, they are also looking closely in the market, their rivals, and what they are developing. If you want to succeed, then compete with the ones on the top in the market, develop your own, surpass them and get the win.

A spreading rumor and a couple of reports from big online news networks are suggesting that Google’s Motorola Mobility is going to compete with other companies and develop their own smartwatch. According to the reports, this smartwatch is going to be a good match with an Android smartphone. For the Android smartphone fans, this is going to be phenomenal.

Not just Google but seems many are quite confident that this smartwatch that they are currently developing could be sensible since it is developed by the Motorola Mobility unit. Reports also suggest that the Google smartwatch or maybe Android smartwatch could be released after summer ends.

On the other hand, Lee Young Hee, Samsung’s VP confirmed that they are currently developing a smartwatch of their own, which could be a big hit since Samsung is quite a good competitor in the tech industry, too.

Google Smartwatch

He did not mention any more details regarding the smartwatch such as the release date but they are definitely planning for the launch. It could be this summer, too, or before Apple release their own smartwatch that others say, the iWatch.