Google eyeing business-oriented customers

Google, the searh engine giant, is now planning to roll out new features to help companies use its social network.

According to the director of product management of Google Clay Bavor, the company is taking a major phase in entering in such big endeavor and bringing in Google+.

It was in June 2011 when Google introduced its social network Google+. However, they have not catered businesses, saying that they want to focus on consumer experience first before developing business-oriented features.

But in October 2011, the company has created its own social network available through Google Apps for its enterprise customer. Google Apps is a business-oriented online application suite, but it did not provide anything specific for its business clients.

On Wednesday, the search engine giant already gave in to launching a few new features in Google+, eyeing primarily to a certain Google+ enterprise service in 2014.

The company is said to introduce calendar invitations for meetings or discussions or videoconferencing, wherein peole can attend the event by just one click away.

Moreover, Bavor explained that all other new features will be launched possibly by mid-quarter of 2013.