Google Fines $7 Million to Settle Privacy Investigation Case

Google paid a whopping $7 million as fine  to settle a privacy investigation that lasted for three years. The internet giant paid a district of Columbia and another 38 states. The case involves the Google Street View cars.

In the case against Google, the Street View cars gathered private informations and passwords from the wireless networks that it passed by from 2008 until 2010.

Google defended its side saying that the incident was merely an error. They said that a computer code which is only an experiment accidentally gathered the private informations as well as passwords from the homes where wireless networks are available.

Included on the agreed settlement, the internet giant should educate and instruct its employees regarding the privacy of the users. They should also host a campaign and teach the people about their protection on wireless networks. Google is also ordered to delete all the data that the Google Street View cars gathered.

Google Street View cars
But as what others say, $7 million wouldn’t hurt Google at all. It’s just a pinch from what they earn.