Google Glass Bids on eBay Reached $95,300 Before Seller Realizes Restriction of Resale

With Google’s introduction of their new wearable hardware, they held a contest in February giving an opportunity for the winners to have the first batch and try the the Google Glass. But being a winner of this contest is not always an upside. Google is also asking $1,500 for the spectacles and the privilege of being a “Glasshole”. But the positive side is they are going to be the first who can have the Google Glass and get to try them before it reaches mainstream sale.

But there is this one student who also won the contest that came up with an idea of auctioning his Google Glass before receiving it to pay his loans.

“Ed from Philadelphia”, name can’t be released because the student is scared of some harassment possibilities from Google fans, listed the Glass on eBay with a starting bid of $5,000 – if it sells, that’s quite a profit already. He didn’t have the Glass yet but he noted and showed a tweet from Google that he won the contest and will have the Google Glass. Within four days, the bid got as high as $95,300. But after seeing the TOS (terms of service) from the first batch who received their glass, he then realized that he can’t sell his spectacles and voluntarily turned down the listing.

After listing the glass on eBay, no one even from the tech giant contacted him and told him about the resell matter.

The TOS reads ‘If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the Device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the Device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty.”

According to Eric Goldman, a legal expert, the manufacturer cannot control the resale of the products they already sold, however, if the product contains exclusive softwares and control switches, they can legally prohibit resale.

Google Glass on eBay