Google Glass Rival, China’s Baidu Eye

Talks about Google Glass is getting even more interesting since it was unveiled. What’s even more interesting is that there is something from China that will compete with the innovation, the Baidu Eye.

Baidu, a search engine in Chinese language is now developing their very own Google Glass-like eyewear with a heads-up display. This is just like search engine v. search engine technology.

This Glass from Baidu, or the Baidu Eye is the name of this eyewear that features image search and information based on the picture and mandarin speech recognition.

Kaiser Kuo, director of the Internal communications of Baidu, already confirmed on Wednesday that the development of the device is true and already existing. Rumors about the Baidu Eye were already out on the tech sites for days before the director confirmed it it on Mashable.

According to director Kuo, the Baidu Glass has different functionality compared to the Google Glass though it looks the same which is an ocular wearable interface. With the Baidu Glass, it is made of augmented-reality glasses with a heads up display, takes pictures and features a voice command function.

For those wanting to acquire one, Baidu Eye is not yet out in the market. The company is still going to evaluate the Eye if it appeals to market.

Baidu Eye vs Google Glass“We’re doing some internal testing on it now on a small scale, and evaluating where this goes from here. That’s why we didn’t make any public official announcement on this.” according to Kaiser Kuo.