Google Helps Developers for the Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Ice Cream Sandwich UpdateAndroid Honeycomb developers are starting to plan for their new update, the Ice Cream Sandwich. Google helped them by showing how to update applications to work on phones.

As the new Ice Cream Sandwich update draws nearer, it’s not yet too late for Google to help the developers to start preparing for the big day. Today, Google updated the official Android developer’s blog giving the Honeycomb developers instructions how to update the applications for the changeover to Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, the blog post from Google did not give any hints for the exact release date of the new OS update, but the post provided quality information for the developers.

The developers of Honeycomb have two options in this update, either to make your app useable only on tablet computers or be able to embrace the Ice Cream Sandwich and allow your applications to be used on all of the android devices. It’s clear in the post that Google recommended the second option, seeing the new Ice Cream Sandwich will be used on tablets PC’s, phones or any other device that they can think of.

The developers are instructed how to make a single app display as it was built for both small and large display screens. The single application can now adjust itself to whatever device it is installed on, without having to install, buy, or download different versions of the same application for both phone and tablet pc’s.