Google Inc. dropping support for IE8

According to reports, Google will be dropping its support for Internet Explorer 8 of Microsoft for its online applications and services in mid-November. This will effectively end the support for many users of Windows XP.

The company stated on a Friday blog that IE 10 will be launched on the 26th of October, and as such the company will end its support for IE8 soon afterwards on the 15th of November. After this, those who are accessing Google Apps services through IE8 will see a message that suggests them to upgrade the browser.

IE8 is the newest Microsoft browser that runs on Windows XP. The said move considerably impacts Windows XP users to be locked into Internet Explorer by policies from organization or corporate. The newer versions of IE, which will be introduced in the coming months, will not run on XP.

Moreover, Google explained that after November 15, those with IE8 browsers will have troubles accessing some features in Google Apps. Gmail and Google Calendar features may also be affected with this change.

It is the policy of the company to support only the current and newest version of a browser and its immediate predecessor.