Google Inc.’s privacy practices draws attention

Google Inc.’s privacy practices draws concern again.

The privacy practices of the searcgh engine giant Google Inc. has drawn in alarms after an Australian developer of softwares alleged that the company was providing him personal details of its users, like email addresses, of every user who bought his mobile app.

However, the personal information that was given to the developer, including email addresses, full names, and some postal code details, was not a result of a bug in the software. This event appears to be just part of the policies of Google for its App Store and its payment service with its Google Wallet.

On the other hand, there are several privacy advocates consider that Google Inc. has not been transparent enough in notifying its users about its privacy practice.

Google Inc.'s privacy practices draws attention

According to the Executive Director of Electronic Privacy Information Center, Marc Rotenberg, Google Inc. seemed to have forgotten the notice on how to share personal information of its users in fine print. Additionally, he noted that meaningful consent is about people understanding what they are really getting into and not about tricking them.

Other web companies like Facebook Inc. have also attracted scrutiny regarding their privacy practices and participated themselves into agreements with regulators.