Google Once Again Sued for Auto-complete Feature

Once again, Google is facing another lawsuit because of the Auto-complete feature.

Many French anti-discrimination agencies filed a lawsuit against the popular search engine for apparently proclaiming unpermitted and systematic associations involving celebrities along with their “Jewishness” by Google’s auto-complete feature, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

SOS Racisme, a French anti-racist NGO, as well as several anti-racism organizations are scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday for a lawsuit which claims that Google is “overseeing the creation of what is probably the biggest Jewish file in history” with auto-complete suggestion feature that connect well-known individuals, for instance Rupert Murdoch, a News Corporation chairman, using the words “Jewish” or “Jew.”

Typing in Mr. Murdoch’s name into the search bar, the suggested search engine results that show up includes “rupert murdoch jewish.”

“Numerous users of the first search engine of France and the world are confronted daily with the association, unsolicited and almost systematically, [of] the word ‘Jew’ with the names of those most prominent in the world of politics, media or business,” according to the lawsuit filed by the French anti-racist NGO and other organizations, as translated from a French-language article published by La Côte newspaper.

Just by recommending the term “Jew” in the auto-complete drop-down list, the search engine giant is apparently breaking a French constitutional law for collecting files on people that talk about their race, according to the lawsuit.

According to the FAQ or Frequently-Asked-Questions of Google’s auto-complete feature, the search engine giant explained that the words “are a reflection of the search activity of all Web users and the contents of Web pages indexed by Google.”

Google’s answer still remains the same, that this suggested words are machine generated and doesn’t intentionally hurt someone. The internet giant may face a couple more of lawsuits because of this feature but there are no indications that they will turn this down in the future.