Google Plans to Combine Blogger and Picasa for Google+

Blogger Picasa Google+Reports came that Google is planning to revamp two of its well known services, Blogger and Picasa.  These services will be included with Google+ and renamed Google Blog and Google Photos. Blogger was acquired in 2003 and Picasa in 2004.

The company plans to unite the entire services for simpler access under Google+.

The services will be refurbished in a month or perhaps even as early as July 31, 2011.

Reports also recommend that Google will as well recall other portals to be included with Google+. The merely exemption in this situation appears to be YouTube, though it’s not clear why YouTube’s been left out of the mix.  Google intends to combine these services before the public launch of Google+.

This can be the move that could provide Google+ the edge it needs to get on the present king of social networking-Facebook.

The Google+ app is by now accessible on the Android Market Place for the entire Android gadgets and the iOS app is awaiting approval of Apple.  With the Google+ Android app, updating images, status and sharing your location could be performed with great ease.