Google Plans to Launch Voice-enabled Assistant to Rival Siri in 2012

google assistantInternet giant, Google, will release a siri-like app for Android by the fourth quarter of 2012, a report coming from TechCrunch.
Although some see Siri as an attention-grabber, Apple regarded its voice-enabled assistant greatly in many ad campaigns through the entire winter. Apple did grabbed the attention of consumers, because Siri and several other amazing features made the iPhone 4S the best seller. No records or announcements yet on how many iPhone 4S units were sold in the last quarter, but Apple marketed a record of 37 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2012.

Google, wishing to help Android take advantage and cash in to this craze, will said to be be pushing out the Siri rival in the fourth quarter of 2012. The app is said to be simply named “Assistant” and it desires to one up Apple’s Siri. Preferably, it’s going to be able to tap Google’s search engine for information and incorporate services like youtube, google+ and gmail making it simpler to do anything using your Android phone.

Assistant additionally can find its way into other apps with Google featuring an open API. In this way, developers can combine features from Assistant to their applications. This is extremely ideal for performing searches on social apps, and more.