Google Reveals Glass Specifications as it Starts Deliveries to Developers

As Google begins shipping the Google Glass Developer Edition for those developers who pre-ordered it last year, the glass maker finally revealed some of the technical specifications which seems quite powerful for a small wearable gadget.

Battery life that could last for a day, 16GB storage, 5mp camera, 720p HD video, and the most amazing feature of all – the HD display which is “equivalent of a 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away”. It also uses the voice-recognition technology which is already expected, a micro-USB port used for charging, and an ability to connect over Wifi and Bluetooth through an app called MyGlass on Android smartphones.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt mentioned that he had always thought of typing for the rest of his life. He seems to be happy with this technology and we think that this will change his thoughts in having his hands in the keyboard all the time…for the rest of his life.

The Google Glass is designed to fit for anyone who uses it. It comes with adjustable nose pads in different sizes for the users convenience and a durable frame that Google said will fit in any size.

With the letter that Google sent to developers, they mentioned that they want to deliver the Google Glass to them right away and see what they can contribute and help instead of waiting for all the devices to be ready.

Google Glass Specifications

“We’ll be notifying you in waves, and as soon as we’re ready to invite you, we’ll let you know.” Google said.