Google Says Facebook Reaches One Trillion Page Views in June

facebook-reaches-one-trillionGoogle said that Facebook hit 1-trillion page views for the month of June.

However, that astounding quantity on Facebook’s traffic is just what’s served up by the DoubleClick Ad Planner rankings of Google, which compile data on Web traffic “from a variety of sources including anonymized, aggregated Google Toolbar data” and information from DoubleClick ad management service of Google.

Certainly, there is a Web traffic that takes place without the eyes of Google peering in and it is safe to say that Facebook is past the Google DoubleClick month estimate.

Facebook had a 46.9% reach among all the Web surfers tracked by DoubleClick.

Facebook had around 870 million unique visitors in the month of June, Google data said.  According to Facebook it has over 750 million users. The website Techland guessed that the difference between the two numbers is probably because of visitors to Facebook who do not have, or were not logged into, Facebook users accounts, sounds similar to a good guess.

Google does not include or Gmail and other Google services in its monthly DoubleClick Ad Planner rankings.  However, YouTube, a Google-owned website, does get included and came in second in the month of June with 790 million visitors, 100 billion page views and around 42.6% arrive of those online.

Yahoo, a rival of Google, got third place with 590 million visitors in June, 78 billion page views and a reach of 31.8%, according to the ranking.  On the other hand, a win for Yahoo is as well a success for search engine Bing of Microsoft, which powers Yahoo’s search.

Bing, on its own and without Yahoo, ranked 11th on the record with 230 million unique visitors, 9.6 billion page views and a reach of 1.24%.

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  1. September 9, 2011 at 8:17 am

    While google+ may be rival of facebook, I feel at the present time anyway, they are appealing to a different demographic base. While facebook attracts the young and their families, Google+ appears to be, at the moment, trying to go after the techier crowd. Our organization was only recently added to Google+, regardless we are rapidly trying to integrate it into our marketing systems. No doubt, it will be player in years, if not months to come!

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