Google Soon to Release its Chromebook

google chromebookIt appears that Google has chosen now is the time to improve into the world of laptops.  The Chromebook, an extremely slick appearing piece of hardware, is accessible in stores now, and carries abundance to the table in the means of modernization.

Presently there are two models existing, first the Samsung, and the other by Acer.  The two are both inspiring looking gadgets, and the model you select will probably be uttered by which brand you like more.  The sizes of the screen for both are quite small, with 12.1” for Samsung and 11.6” for Acer.  Even though the screen might not be the biggest, the features this latest laptop incorporates further than make up for it.

The laptop fully boots in 8 seconds, according to Google.  Thinking my present laptop appears to take hours to load, attended by that dreadful sound most laptops make, this is absolutely a helpful feature. The laptop as well has the capability to link not just to Wi Fi hotspots, however could access 3G hot spots also.  Users obtain 100MB of this link free every month, although past that there appears to be a fee.  Verizon is the merely carrier, so it appears AT&T customers are out of fortune.

The use of “The Cloud” is one more feature that has been increasing popularity in many gadgets previously.  Files and documents could be uploaded to a distant server, permitting them to be recovered if your computer breaks.  It is as well a huge feature that permits several computers to rapidly share information.

The Chromebook as well supports the Chrome Web Store.  This aspect is like App Store of Apple, although it is not as widespread. It still sustains a broad diversity of games and applications, and it is huge addition to the laptop with that being said.  Just in case you were speculating yes, it does have Angry Birds.

Lastly, and in my belief one the finest additions, is the laptops capability to update itself.  Gone are the disturbing pop ups informing you to install latest software and features.  Not simply does this capability apply to the operating system, it as well applies to the apps. This means there is no need to plod through all the menus to update dozens of your desired applications; the method holds all of that involuntarily.

One more selling point: together laptops of Samsung and Acer have very long battery life, 8.5 and 6 hours respectively.  To observe a complete records of technical specs, or to buy one of these gadgets, be sure to check out the official Chromebook website.

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  1. June 24, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    Google is know as Boss of the internet world. But internet wold is artifical. Chromebook is a well start for Google to increase its revenue with hardware and electronics good. Becasue google is a good brand, i think too many people care about google hardware products with a high confidence.

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