Google Still Dominates Search Engine Market

Google still dominates search engine market while new privacy policy complains rising up.

The internet search engine giant, Google, is still the reigning champ and top most utilized search engine in the world.

Based on the newest survey from Pew Internet and American Life Project, 83% of Online users from America says they choose and prefer Google to browse frequently whilst only 6% say they prefer Yahoo. 6% of internet users in America accounts for the other internet search engines while only 5% says they did not use one internet search engine more frequently than another.

The studies reveal that Google has greatly strengthened its place as the America’s top internet search engine since 2004, when Pew discovered that 47% of American internet users frequently used Google for queries, only 26%¬† are reported that use Yahoo most often. And 19% accounted for the other search engines – 2004.

Pew as well discovered user satisfaction to be high, up to 91% stated that they always end up seeking information in browsing the internet, 73% stated that almost all of the information that they browse using the search engines are trustworthy and accurate. Furthermore, 55% said their browsing results happen to be improving eventually while 4% said they have gotten bad or worse.

However, despite the fact that Google is ruling the American search market, Pew as well discovered that Google’s “new privacy policies” are producing alarms, somehow. For instance, Pew discovered that 65% of the internet users interviewed stated that they are not ” OK”with a search engine utilizing their lookups to provide personalized results. In the same way, 68% stated they are not “OK” with advertising picked from monitoring their search queries.

There are lots of complains addressed to Larry Page, Google CEO, about this matter. Showing this might harm the users personal information because it is easier for hackers to gain information about them.