Google stocks could drag down due to legal matters

On Wednesday, the shares of Google have clung persistently just close to record highs following three consecutive months, wherein thirty percent rally has fueled by increasing optimism regarding advertising on Internet. However, Wall Street is fearing that it may run out of steam.

Stocks of Google has been hanging about close to an all-time high amount of $774.38 since touching that hit on October 5. In order to bob in to that level, analysts and investors comment that it is needing to run a glove of risks that could weaken its status as the second most valuable company in terms of technology.

One of the most instant concerns focus on the rivalry in the mobile world is among Microsoft, Google, Facebook,, and Apple. These companies are shaping up the main battlefield for supremacy in the technology area.

According to investors, the Android of Google has yet to yield important growth in terms of revenue despite the fact that it is the most-used mobile software in the world. Additionally, the Mountain View company has not yet released a comprehensive strategy in the wake of the company’s acquirement of Motorola Mobility at $12.5 billion.

When looked at a longer term, an increasing wave of regulatory investigation conducted both at abroad and home could be representing the only biggest risk to the story of Google. The regulators are searching whether or not Google will be competing unfairly through having its favor on its personal properties in its core search product. They also are looking into whether the company will inappropriately use senstive personal data to target advertisments.

A portfolio manager and analyst at Fort Pitt Capital Group Kim Forrest explained that their business model alone can make the company a very easy target for an entire bunch of legal issues. Moreover, Forrest noted that as far as records are concerned, Google have done well managing those issues.