Google Stops Operation for Meebo Bar to Focus on Google+

Google plans to shut down in June the Meebo Bar for receiving and sharing personalized content from websites in favor of Google+ tools for interaction between websites and users.

Google is planning to stop the further developments of the Meebo Bar to focus more in enhancing the Google+ tools.

Google acquired the company that made Meebo in June 2012. Aside from the Meebo toolbar that it has, they also incorporated it with advertisements, and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Meebo also has their own IM application in desktop and smartphones.

After the acquisition of Meebo, the tech giant stopped the developments of the Google Talk Chatback widget in July. This widget allows webmasters to embed it in their sites or blogs so they can interact with the visitors while on the site. Before stopping the operation, Google announced this saying “It’s now outdated, so we’re turning off Chatback and encouraging websites to use the Meebo bar,”.

google stops meebo bar

And after years of service by Meebo, it is time for it to rest and retire. According to Google’s announcement, it will stop the operation on June 6. The team working on with Meebo will be doing another tasks focusing more in the development of Google+ which is getting more and more popular today.

According to the team, though Meebo bar will be stopped, they are still going to continue some of its functions and “bring community, engagement, and revenue to publisher sites,”.