Google Street View Car Captured Couple Having Sex in front of the Car

Google’s Street View cars have been involved in many serious cases but not today. Another funny event in the street that the Google Street View car captured. A couple stopped in not so far away from the street view car, not just to wave and have their picture taken but have sex in front of the camera.

The image came out first from a user in Reddit who posted a link to the image in the WTF page saying “So I found this on Google Street View…”. The image shows an Australian couple having sex in front of their car just in the side of the road which is clearly doing an exhibition in the camera of Google’s street view cars. The guy with his pants down and a woman waving at the camera while doing their thing.

It was in Dukes Highway, South Australia that the photo was captured.

The thread gathered 1,400 votes but Google has already blocked the couple, not the whole image but just a particular part of the couple doing something. The car is still there with the couple in front of it and a blurred part leaving us wondering what they are doing. We have no idea what they are doing.

It seems funny but Google is like making the real life look like the game The Sims blurring the things you are not supposed to street view sex