Google TV Remote App for iPhone Strikes iTunes Store

Google TV Remote App was rolled out by Google for Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  Users can search channels by Voice from anywhere in the house.

This reminded everyone with the Web-meets-TV service by releasing a version of its Google TV Remote application for Apple’s iPhone.

Google TV is an Android-based software service which enables users to switch between their TV content and Web apps like Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand.  This was launched in October on Logitech’s Revue companion boxes and Sony Internet TVs and Blu-Ray players.

This was alleged as expensive, unfinished and buggy, prompting Google to improve their user experience, and enabling Google TV Remote App to connect to Google TV through WiFi network.

Google TV Remote App for iPhone

The Remote app for iPhone was finally published by Google to Apple’s iTunes App Store.

However, for some reason, iOS remote would not allow Google TV users share We pages from their phone to the TV screen.

It is the newest of the free, native apps Google has designed for the iPhone.  This adds up to Google Voice, Google Goggles, Google Latitude and Google Places and many more.

Yet until now, it is now yet sure whether how many iPhone or iPad owners will use Google TV.  That would surely depend on how many people download the free Remote App for iOS devices.

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