Google Voice App for iPhone Release

At last, the official Google Voice App has completed its means into the Apple App Store for U.S. area. Google Voice is presently accessible just for U.S.-based iPhone consumers. The entire Google Voice account consumers who possess an iPhone be able to download the free Google Voice app from the App Store. Google previously recommends HTML5 powered web app for the iOS platform. At this moment with the native iPhone App, Google Voice consumers will be competent to acquire Voice mail transcripts, create discounted voice calls, free SMS to U.S.-based numbers and certainly, utilize Google Voice figure.

Google Voice App

In late September, we reported concerning Google functioning on the Google Voice App’s compatibility and multi-tasking abilities with the iOS 4.0 update. Therefore, at this moment the Google Voice App for iPhone is offered for the gadgets successively iOS 3.1 update or superior.

About a year before, Apple had rejected Google Voice App for iPhone on the grounds of “copying iPhone features” and obtained into bothered waters with the FCC inquest.

Get a glance at the qualities presented by the Google Voice App.

The discharge notes:

1. Contact your Google Voice account from your iPhone.

2. Receive move forward notice for latest text or voicemail messages.

3. Send free text messages to United States numbers.

4. Build worldwide calls at inexpensive rates.

5. Pay attention to your voicemail, read transcriptions and supervise your Google Voice inbox.

6. Demonstrate your Google Voice number as caller ID when creating calls.

7. Call contacts from your iPhone Address Book or go into innovative numbers on the dialpad.

8. A Google Voice account is necessary to utilize this app. To sign up go to

9. Google Voice is merely accessible in the United States.

10. The app is without charge, and is offered at this moment on the App Store.

Google Voice is still restricted to U.S. and since at this moment, Google has no plans to get bigger the service to rest of the world.