Google will Ship Google Glass Explorer Edition to Developers Next Month

Developers are getting excited to try the latest Google Glass Explorer Edition as Google start delivering the glass soon. In the event today by Google, the Google Ventures, they stated that shipping for the Google Glass will commence next month, but no exact date that has been given. Google wants the developers to try the glass first before having the major event for Google Glass I/O happen. It may be a bit late but it’s better than never.

According to some reports, Google will ship the glass to those developers who ordered it last year. With this, Google is hopefull that developers can take a part in the API of the glass which is anticipated to be launched in the Google I/O event. The event is said to focus more with the glass getting not just developers but everyone with it’s release.

In the event today, Google Ventures have teamed up with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Andreessen Horowitz to make the Glass Collective, a group that will provide funding that aims to help aspiring businessmen to share their own ideas with Google Glass. Everyone is encouraged to submit their ideas, go to Glass Syndicate and show them what you got.

The expected launch of the Google Glass is on late 2013. As competition is starting to build up, with Baidu making their Baidu Eye, and high price tag, this could prevent interested buyers. However, the Google Glass is a huge leap in technology that will change the way we use the internet for more convenience.

Google Glass Explorer Edition