Gowalla Opening Its API

Gowalla opened up its “check-in” API in a bid to developers to match with its competitor, Foursquare.

Gowalla is a location-based social networking service that was created by Alamofire. The service is used by the user by ‘checking in’ at Spots in their local area. This is with the help of a mobile application or through the mobile website.

Location-based social networks were first formulated by the Foursquare. This service is about gathering the pace around the world that allows the users to “share their locations with friends by ‘checking in’ at bars, restaurants, clubs and even offices and railway stations.”

Even though Foursquare started this kind of service, Gowalla is, however, responsible for making it a trend. In fact, it gained the award as best mobile application from South By Southwest Awards 2010.

The opportunity came up to Gowalla, when it finally opened its API to developers. With this, the developers will be able to use the software to get connected with Gowalla and its data.

The opening of the Gowalla’s API to developers will surely help spread the popularity of the service. It may also create other applications around the site.

According to a technology website Mashable, “API release is one of the most important pieces to the company living up to its potential, because it allows developers to make location and places relevant.”