Hacker Attacks Accounts at So-net

A hacker accessed its customer prizes location prior this week and stole customers’ exchangeable gift points worth around $1,225, according to an Internet service provider subsidiary of Sony Corporation, So-net Entertainment Corporation.

The violation at So-net moves toward some days after Sony recommenced service on its PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment online videogame services following an information violation compromised the personal data joined to over 100 million accounts.

Keisuke Watabe, a spokesperson at So-net Entertainment said, “Although we can’t completely rule out the possibility that there is a connection with the PSN issue, the likelihood is low.” He said it was improbable since the technique of infringement used was so unusual.

So-net Entertainment CorporationA hacker attempted 10,000 times to access the provider’s “So-net” point service, which awards customers reward points that can be exchanged for Sony products and online currency, from similar IP address, So-net said.  They added that it believes the gatecrasher had usernames of account holders and after that might have utilized an automatic software program to produce passwords until it discover the correct one.

So-net, which is around 58% possessed by Sony and a Sony financial unit, the points form 128 customer accounts were redeemed without authorization. One more 73 accounts were accessed, although the points were not possessed. And 90 email accounts on the So-net network were compromised.

There is no proof that some individual information like names, addresses, birth dates or phone numbers were sighted. It found out the violation on May 18 after getting complaints from customers, the company said.  The company found out that the interruptions occurred on May 16 and 17. Once it discovered concerning the violation, the provider believe it stopped the redemption service.

photo credit: neowin.net

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  1. May 23, 2011 at 10:33 am

    My friend a superb hacker and after our split i have been getting invitations on my gmail account from ids i have never come across. I keep on declining them though. My question is even if i decline invitation can my friend still hack into my account? Whats the fool proof procedure to stop it? Thanks in advance

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