Hackers Continue to Attack

This cyber attack did not go after people playing war games.  It aimed at a company that assists the military.  It was the current aim of an important scythe; the defense contractor and Department of Homeland Security say the hit was thwarted prior to some information were stolen, Lockheed Martin says.

This year a reaction of cyber attack, counting a massive violation at Sony Corporation that affected millions of PlayStation users has encouraged hackers, “2011 has really lit up the boards,” said chief technology officer, Josh Shaul at Application Security.

It noticed the May 21 attack “almost immediately” and got countermeasures, Lockheed said.  “Our systems remain secure; no customer, program, or employee personal data has been compromised,’’ it said.

Hackers Continue to AttackSome past four years, officials declared the Lockheed’s Joint Strike Fighter program had been infringed by hackers.  Additional protection was added, even though there was no classified information that was compromised.  This latest attack would prompt defense contractors to give intensified steps to shield their systems.

Hopkinton-based EMC Corp’s security division, RSA, claimed in March that their computer network was hacked.  The repercussions are serious because its technology supports the security of some of the world’s most closely sheltered data.

photo credit: internalcomputer.com

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