Haipe Pleads Guilty in US Court

A member of the Abu Sayyaf, a linked group with the al-Qaida group, was pleaded guilty in the federal court of the United States for kidnapping 16 people last 1995 in South Cotabato, Philippines. In the kidnapping, there were four US citizens who were kidnapped.

The justice department stated that the Abu Sayyaf member, Mohammad Hatta “Madhatta” Haipe, is counted to four counts of hostage-taking and he will deal 25 years in prison. The department added that this punishment is part of the plea agreement.

Abu Sayyaf

Haipe and four other Abu Sayyaf members were found and arrested in Malaysia. They were in detention for several years but they were not formally charged under the rule of Malaysia’s internal Security Act.

Haipe was considered as a bomb expert and was the secretary general and finance officer of Abu Sayyaf. He was arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation because the government of the United States requested a warrant of arrest. This is due to their kidnapping to the four US citizens. He was transferred to the federal court of US in August 2009.