Halo 4 will be Available on November 6

Various rumors are already spreading about the continuation of the phenomenal game Halo – now on its 4th release as Halo 4, but as the rumors keep building up, Microsoft finally spoiled the fun and excitement – Today!

Even though we have known Halo 4 is in the process, we now have a report of an official release date. November 6 is the kick off date for the 4th sequel of the well-known video gaming franchise – it is also the date of Election in the U.S.
Together with finally getting the news of the kick off date, the late night show Conan O’Brian will have a special segment focused on honoring the game’s upcoming release.

Even though still highly-awaited, the 4th installment of the game will be the first Halo launch to not be created by Bungie. The game studio came to the conclusion its idea of the trilogy in the year 2007, yet kept some unanswered doubts about Master Chief with his sidekick. Right after Bungie became a completely independent game studio and emancipated from the company Microsoft, 343 Industries grabbed the opportunity with intentions to develop yet another Halo trilogy.

Although Microsoft has not been specific regarding the upcoming with information on another installment, Game Informer managed to discover some surprising stories earlier this month. Based on the magazine, Master Chief is anticipated to return and the plot will be on the year 2557, 4 years following the climax of Halo 3.

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  1. April 20, 2012 at 8:37 am

    I like hello 4 game. This is a action game and i like action. I am allready play previous version of hello and thanks for reviow of hello 4 .

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