Honda Recalls Honda CR-V, Acura RDX 2013, and Odyssey 2012-2013 for Automatic Shift Problem

The Japanese car manufacturer, Honda Motor Co., announced a massive recall of their vehicles in Thursday. 205,000 units of these vehicles from model 2012 to 2013 sold in the US are subject for the recall due to an automatic shift problem.

Honda stated in the recall that it covers 128,000 units Honda CR-V, 17,500 Acura RDX model 2013, and 59,000 units of Honda Odyssey model 2012 to 2013. The issue is in the braking system of these cars. The Japanese car manufacturer said they will replace a component in the brake shift interlock system free of charge.

Furthermore, Honda said that the problem occurs in sub-freezing temperatures. Cars with automatic shift can’t move from the park position when the brake pedal is not pressed but these cars don’t do the same due to a faulty component.

There were not accidents, injuries, crashes, and complains reported yet with the matter. The problem was only discovered during their internal investigation.

For owners who knew about the recall can bring their vehicles to the dealer and get it fixed. Honda will notify all the car owners about this issue through mail in May.

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